My Fave Peachy Blushies^^

Here I am again!

I've been a lover of peach blushes for ages. I have many peachy shades: pinkish peach, terracotta peach, bronzed peach, etc. For local brand I vote for Caring Color blush in Terra Passion; the peachy shades is very pretty and natural. But too bad its awfully short-lasted on my cheeks. But well, because it is a gorgeous color, I forgive it :D

Recently I have new favorites. They are Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Peach Satin and Lucy Minerals blush in Juicy Peach. The LM blush makes my cheeks blushing naturally and looks healthy, and MDM blush is glowing up my face. I usually wear them together; LM for basic blush and finished with MDM as highlight.

Here are the product and swatches:

Maybelline Dream Mousse blush is a bit pinker than the Lucy Minerals one. Juicy Peach contains more orangey notes in its shade.
And picture of me wearing them on my cheeks:

- Sheer but noticeable shade (I dislike harshly pigmented blush)
- Natural and healthy look in result
- Glow up overall face, fresh result
- Nice peachy pink sheer color with slight amount of shimmer

Cons (both):
- Hard to get; not available in local market
- Lasting only for 5-6 hours

Ok then, next plan: I think I will try pink blushies; now I am looking for baby / pale pink blush fit the skintone and budget :D

Repurchase? Yes, if I finished several blushes I have (maybe in different color)

Rating: 4/5

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