Sleek Storm Palette - Swatch, Review, EOTD

Hi Dearest Readers :D,

Now I am going to do some work with my favorite Sleek Storm Palette. I get this product from FD seller, and surprisingly happy with the purchase. It is a 12 x 0.03 oz eyeshadow palette with 12 natural beautiful metallic colors. Well, not all are metallic; three of them come with matte finish.

Please forgive the awful quality of the picture :(
Let me explain per shade (from upper left to right) I use my own naming:
- Golden beige: a very charming metallic beige color with strong gold note**
- Frosting cream: cream / broken white metallic color
- Creamy beige: matte color with moccha-cream shade
- Pure gold: metallic gold shade
- Frosty pink: charming metallic baby pink shade**
- Shimmery Plum: Plum color with strong shimmer
- Copper brown: Deep metallic brown with slightly copper note**
- Cool gray: very cool metallic gray **
- Frosty deep green: metallic deep green color
- Shimmery deep blue: deep blue with strong shimmer
- Deep brown: matte brown color, good for lining
- Black: matte black color, good for lining.

Shade with ** mark are my favorite. I am nearly forgot about other palette since I have this on in trancase. Even I brought it along everyday :D

* Texture: semi-creamy texture when you apply them on your lid; not easily fell off.
* Pigmentation and staying strength: highly pigmented; when worn upon primer they stay for very long time. Maybe about 12-14 hours.
* Smudgeproof, waterproof: they stay there even after washing your face with water (I never tried with soap)
* Has beautiful neutral shades for daily wear

* Sometimes can be too metallic if you don't use along with matte shades
* Hard to get. Not available in local market

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Emmm... this one will last for so long so I think I will try Sleek Palette in different color.

Now at least the EOTD:

Bottomline: REALLY worth the price. I get it for IDR 155.000 including shipping

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My Fave Peachy Blushies^^

Here I am again!

I've been a lover of peach blushes for ages. I have many peachy shades: pinkish peach, terracotta peach, bronzed peach, etc. For local brand I vote for Caring Color blush in Terra Passion; the peachy shades is very pretty and natural. But too bad its awfully short-lasted on my cheeks. But well, because it is a gorgeous color, I forgive it :D

Recently I have new favorites. They are Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Peach Satin and Lucy Minerals blush in Juicy Peach. The LM blush makes my cheeks blushing naturally and looks healthy, and MDM blush is glowing up my face. I usually wear them together; LM for basic blush and finished with MDM as highlight.

Here are the product and swatches:

Maybelline Dream Mousse blush is a bit pinker than the Lucy Minerals one. Juicy Peach contains more orangey notes in its shade.
And picture of me wearing them on my cheeks:

- Sheer but noticeable shade (I dislike harshly pigmented blush)
- Natural and healthy look in result
- Glow up overall face, fresh result
- Nice peachy pink sheer color with slight amount of shimmer

Cons (both):
- Hard to get; not available in local market
- Lasting only for 5-6 hours

Ok then, next plan: I think I will try pink blushies; now I am looking for baby / pale pink blush fit the skintone and budget :D

Repurchase? Yes, if I finished several blushes I have (maybe in different color)

Rating: 4/5

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My Beauty Hours: FOTD and Review: REVLON Wet/Dry Eyeshadow

Hi All^^

Now I am trying to post my first FOTD in this blog^^
I was bored at Thursday noon, so I tried to amuse myself creating some swatches. This is one of them: swatch of Revlon quad eyeshadow. Known as Revlon Wet/Dry Shadow in Bronzed & Brassy. I bought it at Watsons Lippo Karawaci; not really pricy, just IDR 75k.

I love its colors in pan. Kinda warm and neutral; I buy it n the interest of the nude orange color and the milky white one. Well, when I tried them out at home, I am kinda disappointed with its pigmentation. Just sheer colors appeared on my bare hand. I made this swatch without primer:

My opinion remained ill-favored until I tried the palette on my eyes at the following day. Well, like I expected, it's really tricky to wear the colors on my lid. I did put primer before, but the colors tend to be too sheer and unoticed on my NC25 skintone. But I did not give up :D Because it claimed to be wet/dry shadow, I tried with damp applicator and it works better. Oh well, finally done.

Surprisingly, I am quite happy with the result: it is really the orangey nude I wanted for so long (just like young women in Korean dramas :lol:). The best part of this palette is, on the primer (I used Aubeau eye-base) it could stay until really late afternoon. The undrifted colors stay on my lid even after I wash my face.

Then I started to fell in love with this product :D

This is an FOTD I made several days ago:

Hope you notice the eyeshadow :D I add more orangey color with Signature Minerals eyesadow in Terra Cotta. Also put light amount of blush from same brand, named Rose. I really like this pinkish blush as well; so natural on me.

- Sleek and good looking packaging
- Nice shades of semi-matte colors at pan or lid
- Long lasting on primer
- Affordable price

- Awfully not-pigmented
- Tricky; hard to bring out colors

Repurchase? No. I want products with different colors

Rating: 3/5

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Hi Dearest Readers!

Welcome to my other new blog. Finally I made my mind up to create this new blog, after a very long delay with no-action-thoughts, I think it's better to write it down into physical entity (such as blog :D)

At first place, please let me do short introduction. I am a girl (actually not 'really' a girl) who has so many thoughts about so many things. I write to escape from my ordinary life (office, traffic, etc) and to insinuate into a secret second world of mine: my THOUGHTS :D

You will find many things shared here. Mostly (may be) about ordinary thing but with different caleidoscope, also about make up and beauty, great books in my version, some unique experiences (if I had ones) and so on. I will try my best to amuse myself and my precious readers :)

Well, I do not want to bore you down. So let's get started

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