Hi Dearest Readers!

Welcome to my other new blog. Finally I made my mind up to create this new blog, after a very long delay with no-action-thoughts, I think it's better to write it down into physical entity (such as blog :D)

At first place, please let me do short introduction. I am a girl (actually not 'really' a girl) who has so many thoughts about so many things. I write to escape from my ordinary life (office, traffic, etc) and to insinuate into a secret second world of mine: my THOUGHTS :D

You will find many things shared here. Mostly (may be) about ordinary thing but with different caleidoscope, also about make up and beauty, great books in my version, some unique experiences (if I had ones) and so on. I will try my best to amuse myself and my precious readers :)

Well, I do not want to bore you down. So let's get started

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