About Natura Marmer Indonesia ~ Natura Marmer Indonesia

About Natura Marmer Indonesia ~ Natura Marmer Indonesia

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Blog Sale!

Please adopt us^^

The Body Shop Skin Primer Matte It (Brand New) - IDR 100K (RRP US$ 14)
Say 'so-long shine.' With soothing chamomile and aloe vera extracts. For all skin types.
Not available in Indonesia. Review here

Make Up Set 1 - IDR 100K
- Maybelline Great Lash Big Mascara (98%) - Very Black
(RRP US$ 5.79) Review here
- Burner Balm Dietary Lipbalm - Strawberry (BN, sealed) (RRP US$ 5.99)
A ChapStick-like balm that could help you lose weight. Review here
- ELF Eyelid Primer (98%) Review here
- NYX Megashine Lipgloss - French Kiss (98%) Swatch here

Make Up Set 2 - IDR 70K
- Inez Eyeshadow Quad: Pattaya (pink, purples, white) (98%)
- La Femme Blush on Rouge: Peach (90%)
- Kemeiru Kabuki Brush (used, very good condition)

Make Up Set 3 - IDR 55K
- ELF Tone Correcting Concealer: Rosy Beige (Brand New)
- Amuse Eyebrow Kit: Matte Brown (with 3 stencils) (Brand New)

Kiss Me - Heroine Make Frame & Curl Mascara (95%) - IDR 65K (RRP US$ 15.5, bought @Adam Beauty) Still have packaging.

Please contact me by commenting on this post, or email me to
Thank you ;)

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Drooling Giveaway from Spellbindingnails

Hi girls, make sure you entered this amazing giveaway before October 31!
the set includes:
- Beauty UK Nail Sets - Midnight Minx , Urban Girl & Wild Child ( that's 18 polishes!)
- A set of the New Fab Ur Nail plates.
- 4 metallic Stamping polishes.
- HB Plates 21-40.
- Image plates SdP C02, SdP C07, SdP D07 & SdP D18.
- A pack of Rhinestones.
- Packs of Nail Stickers
- A essence stampy plate, 4 essence liners and a essence stamper and scrapper

great eh! CLICK HERE to enter

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Crop Circles, the Magical Work of Art!

Dearest readers, today I am in the mood to talk something 'magical' :D due to excitement of entering an absract for paper to Urban Fantasy Converence in Prague, Czech. Papers can be in

any aspect of the Urban Fantasy genre as well as those concerned with Magic and the Supernatural in more general terms or other subheadings. Well, it was a rush project for me, as I started to mend all the literature and write the absract only in 2 days! Hmm, just wish me luck then ;)

My paper is about crop circle; the subject is the same as the subject of this post. the appearance of crop circles in recent years has been long plagued my mind. For you who hasn't yet get any idea of what is it, I'll explain a bit about it.
A crop circle is a sizable pattern created by the flattening of a crop such as wheat, barley, rye, maize, or rapeseed. Crop circles are also referred to as crop formations, because they are not always circular in shape.

History of crop circles can be traced to the year 1678. In the century, there was a wood carving named “Mowing Devil”, depicting a demon drawing an oval design on a wheat field. The story behind this carving is actually mystical. Once told that a farmer refused an order from his patron and said that it will be better the devil itself to do that work. The wheat field burned at that night and in the morning a mysterious oval pattern appeared on that field. However, no one can confirm the truth in that story.

Here are some pictures of amusing crop circles!

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Sigma - New Eyeshadow Palette Giveaway

Hi everyone, it's me again :)
Have you ever heard or tried new awesome eyeshadow palette from Sigma? It is Sigma Flare Eyeshadow Palette, which come in three shades: Bare, Dare and Flare.

Now you have a chance to own one of them at obsessiveness4makeup blog's giveaway (thanks a lot to Madiha!) its open until October 1st 2011

See here to know how :)

To see review about Sigma Flare Eyeshadow Palette, check here

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September - December 2011 Giveaway - Super Yay!

Hi everbody, these are enormous giveaway of September - December 2011 from great beauty bloggers around the world. Check it out! ;)

Get nice giveaway from Cut-tickle Nails! Ends November 2oth

Get most wanted Benefit blushies in Which Way to Wonderland giveaway! Until November 1oth

Lovefemme's cute and nice giveaway! until Oct 28th

What an awesome giveaway from MakeupByJoyce! opened until November 21st

Great nail-things giveaway from A Polish Change! enter before Oct 31st!

Here is cool giveaway from Kiss and Make up! until November 3

Win nice stuffs at Psychedelic Me's giveaway! Until November 3

Lovely giveaway from Style, Fashion Etc! until Nov 30

Get nice Haughty Lipglosses (lot of them) from Adventures in Makeup! Until Oct 15th

Win nice giveaway from Pretty Wonderful! Enter before Oct 10th

Win a super-nice giveaway from Lucy's Stash! Make sure you enter by October 27th!

Enter Lipgloss Love Affair giveaway to win great Gyaru tools and Japan make ups! Until Nov 16th

Really really nice handmade pendant from Pinkii Life's Giveaway! until Dec 31st

Choose your MAC product in Be-Fashion giveaway! until December 10th

Greatest nail polishes you can get! enter Rainbowhands giveaway until October 11

Cute nail colors from Nailstyle! Enter before Oct 28th :)

China Glaze nail polishes from Miss Starshiny giveaway! lovely! until October 3rd

Silk Naturals eyeshadow from Jennifae's Beauty Blog! I love Silk Naturals and if you also do, make sure you entered before October 22

Enter The Key to Jennasis' giveaway to celebrate her successful term! :) until Oct 8th

Urban Decay Giveaway from Mu-Tokki! I love UD, yay!

Nice giveaway from Budget Beauty Queen! make sure you entered by the end of September 2011!

Famous Naked from UD giveaway at Bipolar Mirror! enter before January 2012

Awesome giveaway from Lovefemme! make sure you entered before Oct 28 2011 :)

Mineralissima giveaway from Nea of Fashioned in Finland! really gorgeous :) it is until Oct 5, 2011

Make sure you entered for MAC lisptick givaway from Billie of Build me up, buttercup :) choose colors of your desire! ends Sept 30, 2011

Get NYX cosmetics from Rinny's Beauty Diary now! ends Sept 30, 2011

Win Various beauty products at The Crow and Powderpuff :D be sure youre in! it ends October 17th 2011

Various nail lacquer from Canadian Nail Fanatic! WOW! it is for her Bithday. Happy B'day!!!

From Let's Talk About Beauty, very nice lippies :) until September 30 2011

Bloom Pure Minerals from Bec's Beauty Buzz :) until September 30 2011

Deborah Lippmann from Aly Loves Laquer blog! ends September 30 2011

Nice pigments from Etos, get them via Witoxicity giveaway! ends October 1 2011

Cute giveaway from Never Ending Obsession blog, ends September 30 2011

Halloween Giveaway from Definitely-Addicted blog, ends September 30 2011

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Sleek Storm Palette - Swatch, Review, EOTD

Hi Dearest Readers :D,

Now I am going to do some work with my favorite Sleek Storm Palette. I get this product from FD seller, and surprisingly happy with the purchase. It is a 12 x 0.03 oz eyeshadow palette with 12 natural beautiful metallic colors. Well, not all are metallic; three of them come with matte finish.

Please forgive the awful quality of the picture :(
Let me explain per shade (from upper left to right) I use my own naming:
- Golden beige: a very charming metallic beige color with strong gold note**
- Frosting cream: cream / broken white metallic color
- Creamy beige: matte color with moccha-cream shade
- Pure gold: metallic gold shade
- Frosty pink: charming metallic baby pink shade**
- Shimmery Plum: Plum color with strong shimmer
- Copper brown: Deep metallic brown with slightly copper note**
- Cool gray: very cool metallic gray **
- Frosty deep green: metallic deep green color
- Shimmery deep blue: deep blue with strong shimmer
- Deep brown: matte brown color, good for lining
- Black: matte black color, good for lining.

Shade with ** mark are my favorite. I am nearly forgot about other palette since I have this on in trancase. Even I brought it along everyday :D

* Texture: semi-creamy texture when you apply them on your lid; not easily fell off.
* Pigmentation and staying strength: highly pigmented; when worn upon primer they stay for very long time. Maybe about 12-14 hours.
* Smudgeproof, waterproof: they stay there even after washing your face with water (I never tried with soap)
* Has beautiful neutral shades for daily wear

* Sometimes can be too metallic if you don't use along with matte shades
* Hard to get. Not available in local market

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Emmm... this one will last for so long so I think I will try Sleek Palette in different color.

Now at least the EOTD:

Bottomline: REALLY worth the price. I get it for IDR 155.000 including shipping

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